05/04/2008 TRIP REPORT


Flight to the West from NY in N9817K begun 05/04/2008

Sunday, May 4

Depart Dutchess County airport (POU), IFR flight plan, enroute diversions West due to traffic and restricted area near Washington, DC, arrived Blacksburg, VA (BCB) 2:00 PM. Request GPS approach, Runway 12, circle to land 30, in scattered layer, get fuel, shuttle delivers me to Comfort Inn. Eat dinner at Mexican restaurant adjacent to motel, prepare for VA Tech, to bed early.

Monday, May 5

Breakfast at motel, shuttle to Virginia Tech, meet with John McIntosh and later Paul Gatenholm, make measurements on ESEM and take a few pictures of the chamber of the ESEM. Discuss specifications required for tensile module with Paul, tour remaining lab areas, John delivers me back to airport, I load up. Depart BCB, VFR, to Little Rock, AR, arrive there late afternoon, call Dennis and Jan, straighten around fuel amount with FBO. Short tour of Little Rock, to Corky's for barbecue dinner, to Dennis', work on computers and hook-ups, to bed.

Tuesday, May 6

Weather in Dallas area bad with thunderstorms, decide to stay in Little Rock overnight and depart next day. Work on laptop, to deliver car for Dennis' daughter, to see the Methodist church where Dennis' son is on the staff, self-taught and well-liked youth pastor at impressive facility, for lunch, back to house to prepare for Dennis' presentation tomorrow. I work on computer, we take another drive around town, back for nice dinner at Dennis', get ready for departure next day, to bed.

Wednesday, May 7

Dennis and jan drive me to airport, I file IFR to Dallas, Addison (ADS), depart in clouds and IMC all the way, ILS 18 approach into Addison. Park and call Gordon Pollack, he comes to get me at airport, to University of Texas - Dallas campus, visit his department and see much of his equipment. Drive to see his house, near campus, his wife, Norma, not home, we go to dinner at Outback near the motel, lengthy discussions, good meal, I go to motel, Gordon returns home. Prepare for departure tomorrow for El Paso, emails to Germany re: VA Tech, printed approaches for El Paso.

Thursday, May 8

Breakfast at motel, Millionaire shuttle to airport, pay Millionaire, load, file IFR flight plan, depart ADS King 6 departure, final altitude 8000, expect request 10,000 after Wink VOR, very turbulent flight all the way to ELP, visual approach into ELP, park at Cutter just off of runway 26L, Cutter shuttle to Hawthorn Motel, dinner at adjacent Appleby's, work on computer, call Adrienne (aunt in Es Condido, CA). Plan for flight tomorrow, to bed.

Friday, May 9

Up at 5:00 AM, breakfast at motel, shuttle to airport, check weather, and plan flight to Yuma, AZ, VFR at 8500 to YUM, arrive 2:00 PM, get rental car, Dakota pickup, eat lunch, then to Justine (aunt) and John's for visit. They were recuperatng from a serious auto accident. Visit from 3:00 til 7:00, leave for dinner and overnight at Microtel Motel. Computer work and print-outs, to bed, 2:30 AM police officer came looking for 9 mm hand gun supposedly left there by previous guest, not found, back to bed.

Saturday, May 10

Breakfast, to airport, Justine and John come to see me off, return, car, load airplane, depart VFR with flight following and Squawk to RNM, Ramona, CA. Call Dick, he comes to pick me up in a couple hours, we go to his house, meet Pat (Jigger's wife, Jigger died April 10). She gives me Jigger's Navy Flight Jacket, and other memorabilia, we all go out for dinner. Enjoyable evening, then to bed.

Sunday, May 11

Up early, Dick and I have breakfast, I take his car and drive to El Cajon to visit Shadow Mountain Church (Dr. David Jeremiah, Pastor). Wonderful service and very impressive church, choir, orchestra, vocals, organ, piano, Dr. Jeremiah delivers Mothers Day message. I drive back to Dick's, we go out shopping at road side shops, return for a barbecued rib dinner grilled by Dick. Relaxing afternoon. Pat leaves to visit her son.

Monday, May 12

After breakfast, Dick and Adrienne take me to airport, I load and get fuel, file IFR to San Jose, CA, clearance via complicated departure, other complications en route to San Jose, vectors, climb, slow to 100 knots for traffic, and others. ILS 30L into SJC then switch on final to 30R, park at ACM East Side, get Hertz car, to Biltmore Hotel Santa Clara, get dinner, work on emails, good wireless connection, to bed

Tuesday, May 13

Breakfast at motel, drive to Intel, meet with Kim Callegari and Phung-Loan Nguyen regarding prober in Micrion 9800 FIB. Meet also with Paul Kennelly regarding prober and other changes and other organizational changes in Intel there. Depart afternoon, eat late lunch, to airport, return car, VFR Flight to MHR Mather Airport in Sacramento, CA. Park, arrange for rental car, unload into car, to motel, get fried fish dinner for motel, eat, prepare for Intel, Folsom tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 14

Breakfast, to Intel, Folsom, meet with Mary Stevens, work on her prober, requires lubrication of motor, she did not have Apiezon oil, will send some, discuss other things. She wants to revisit the needle sharpener that Intel purchased, mainly to sharpen one needle at a time in a lathe-like arrangement in slow and stable rotation. She introduced me to her colleagues and her boss, also discussed the location of Dan Graves, no longer there, but involved with earlier prober, will be interested in hearing from me. Finished our work there, I left and went to airport, returned car, had lunch, departed VFR for 2S6 and arrived there at 4:30. Took some luggage with us, Robert and I went to his house, got Rachel, we went out for dinner to Calamity Jane's.

Thursday, May 15

Up early to airport to begin working on N9817K Annual, flew airplane around the pattern to warm up the oil, back into hangar, drain oil, begin disassembly, check wire to alternator, ok, cannot explain shrill whine in intercom only, filter capacitor seems ok, sweep hangar, go through books from Jigger, end of day Robert mows, I write emails, ledger, eat dinner, late to bed.

Friday, May 16

Work on airplane, remove interior, work on PTT switch, call NY for confirmation of pitot static work done not entered in airplane log, received fax and entered it, Sharon mails passport and USB cable for GPS data update, considering flight to involve Canada. Robert finishes AD's then does landing gear, wheel bearings and brakes, need two new bearings, temperature up to 95 F, finish for the day. All three to Yamhill Grill for dinner, then some shopping, go to Robert's friend to get Ford Excursion (large diesel to tow pickup for Norm).

Saturday, May 17

Up early, take Excursion to Salem to get Norm and tow dolly, then drive to Bend, about three hours, to get Norm's '52 pickup at his son's. Have lunch, hook up truck, leave for Salem, deliver pickup to repair guy, return dolly, get fuel, Robert and I head back to Newberg, return Excursion and back to Robert's.

Sunday, May 18

Go to Robert's church am, pot luck lunch there, to Robert's to watch sheep shearing by Karen and Ryan with neighbor Greg, hamburgers and hot dogs grilled, watch tractor program, to bed.

Monday, May 19

To airport to work on airplane, replace interior and seats, work on remounting intercom behind pilot seat, drive to Aurora airport to get two PTT switches, then to Fred Mejer's to get D-cells for ELT, sandwich express to get lunches, finish yoke for PTT, Rachel picks me up, Robert goes to chiropractor, work on emails, call from Sharon, information regarding Louis Hector quotation, to bed late.

Tuesday, May 20

To airport, finish inside, finish clean battery and case and lid, Pogy's for lunch, move out airplane, flight check airplane and gear, everything ok, wash it. Finish details, home, emails, do laundry, to bed late.

Wednesday, May 21

Up at 5:00, finish laundry, pack, to airport with everything, load airplane, log books to Lessie, check weather, VFR at 2S6, depart at 11:00, weather gets worse north of Portland, land at Scapoose, file IFR flight plan via cell phone, depart, clearance to Seattle, BFI, ILS 13R, land, get car at Galvin Aviation, to Judy's to Taco Town with Hoons, set up laptop, to bed late.

Thursday, May 22

Up early, drive to Boeing, Gene Ledbury, his ESEM is malfunctioning, I work on tensile tester, DDS Controller, and software, ESEM still not fixed at the end of the day. Will work on it tomorrow, Friday..

Friday, May 23

To Boeing early, work with Gene on stage of ESEM, get it to work by removing front controls and realigning the tilt gear. It works ok now, but zero tilt is about 3 degrees off. Can install tensile module ok. Gene still concerned about cooling and the necessary tubing connections for LN2. Back via Aviation Supply at BFI, out for dinner with Hoons, Knoxs, watch TV news to bed.

Saturday, May 24

Up early, emails to Stefan, Konrad, Jim, Sharon, beef sandwich for lunch, tour of the beach, Redondo Beach, then Marina Beach, get ribs, to Carl's for ribs barbecue, check emails late at night, to bed late.

Sunday, May 25

Up early, decide to go to Mars Hill Church in Seattle, drive there, just in time, very interesting church service in warehouse building, good attendance, questionable music, speaker somewhat confusing. Red Lobster for dinner after church, go to Lowes for sprinklers stuff, to a movie, not good, so change to comedy, email from Robert, Mike passed oral test.

Monday, May 26

Memorial Day, drive to Renton Cemetery for memorial service, they have Bell Choir, Bag Pipes, soloist, speaker, nice service, to flight museum, to MacDonalds for sundaes, to nursing home, to Diner, friends of family, for dinner, Reuben sandwich, drop off for Debbie car repair.

Tuesday, May 27

Up early to work at Boeing, Gene wants me to get the LN2 connections finished. The connections for cooling from factory were not correct, he sends me to Home Depot to get the correct plumbing fixtures. I get all necessary connectors for LN2, return to Boeing, the FEI service engineer is there, so I cannot run the DDS software, finish up everything else, help with completing the ESEM repairs, check on manuals that Gene has for tensile module, check out software connections, ok, go to Pilot Shop for 4 approach plates books, prepare for departure, eat dinner at Judy's, finish packing, to bed.

Wednesday, May 28

Up early, to BFI, load airplane, fueled and ready to go, return car, filed IFR on laptop earlier, clearance, taxi, in and out of clouds enroute, land visual at Missoula, MT, fuel, snack, file for Pierre, SD, depart at 13000, mostly VMC, into clouds over Helena, MT and light rain, nearing LVM begin icing, engine runs rough, request diversion to LVM, land at LVM, call FSS to close flight plan on the ground, get motel pick up, have dinner next door at restaurant, check weather, emails, etc. to bed.

Thursday, May 29

To airport by John Lamey (wife Tillie), check airplane engine and plugs, ok for departure, depart VFR at 7500, no problems, decide to stop at MLS Miles City, MT, take cab to Holiday Inn, huge cab driver, walk to Subway, work on emails, other desk work, check weather, severe storms in MN and along route of flight, will make decision in the morning regarding departure, to bed.

Friday, May 30

Decide to stay one more day in Miles City, storms in MN and IL, call Sharon regarding mower repair, she succeeds, walk to ACE Hardware for 7/8 inch socket, and gloves, warm and clear day, get ice cream, back to motel, work on computer stuff, go across the street to Chinese restaurant for dinner, prepare for early morning departure, call cab, etc.

Saturday, May 31

Up at 4:45, shower, breakfast, weather, file IFR from MLS to RST, Rochester, MN, pack, to airport with same cab and driver, load, depart VFR, clearance in the air, as filed at 10,000, 10000 MEA East of Dupree, stay at 10000 for final even though Eastbound, check SPO2 90, and Rate 112. Visual at RST, get fuel, file to 1D2 at 9000, smooth flight just above layer, visual at 1D2, winds 270 at 23 G 31, Runway 18-36, tricky landing but ok, Rod picks me up to Wades' garage sale, then to Grimm for rest.

Sunday, June 1

Dunkin Donuts breakfast, to HPBC church, to Little Daddy's for lunch, Joe and Mary, Rod and kids, back to Grimm, sleep couple hours, work on computer, emails, other stuff.

Monday - Saturday, June 2 - 7

Hang out at Grimm, other small projects, call from FAA regarding Livingston diversion, no problem, Konrad posts manuals on website for me, order new Skyox oxygen system, Sharon arrives DTW on June 3, fax to Load Cell Central regarding my request for calibrator, drive to PTK Michigan Aviation to fill Oxygen bottle, June 6 carpet installed in Grimm, June 7 engagement party for Darin and Kathryn.

Sunday, June 8

Get weather, plan flight to POU, drive Camry to 1D2, load airplane and fuel, leave Camry there for Sharon to get later, depart 11:00, Detroit departure did not have flight plan filed earlier by DUATS, then clear me for dir Octas dir POU at 9000. In and out of a few clouds, but can see cells on XM Weather and also visually, but flight always between severe build-ups. Back in hangar that afternoon, Flight West 2008 completed.


Jerome D. Schick, June 8, 2008, 35 days, 55.3 hrs Hobbs