04/03/03 TRIP REPORT


Flight to the West from NY in N9817K begun 04/03/03

Thursday, April 3

Depart Dutchess County airport, IFR flight plan, assigned low altitude and diversion near Washington, DC area, arrived TriCities airport, Johnson City, TN that afternoon. Landing gear indicator lights ok. Picked up by Orison Cain, to his home, go get him from his overheated car, Bible study that night, see Valles, Bellamys, overnight in Cainsí home, leave after breakfast with Orison and Carol, Orison delivers me back to the airport Friday morning.

Friday, April 4

Depart TriCities airport, IFR, to Little Rock, AR, arrive there afternoon, have lunch at airport with Dennis and Jan Schick, depart for Houston, TX after late lunch, arrive West Houston, IWS around 8:30 pm. Picked up by Ed Nelson, to his home, next morning, Saturday, short flight to Southwest Houston airport with Ed and Trevor and Trevorís friend, see Wim, flight instructor I had for Wings Program there last Fall, return to IWS. For IWS departure to San Antonio, could not reach Kay, so called Jim in AK, he emailed her, she called me, made arrangements for my arrival in SAT. Afternoon depart for San Antonio, TX arrive there mid-afternoon. Picked up by Kay and Ron Weaver, to dinner in downtown San Antonio by the river walk, to Weaverís for overnight.

Sunday, April 6

Depart SAT early morning in heavy rain, IFR to El Paso, arrive there around noon with considerable turbulence enroute although VMC, eat sandwich, get fuel, depart for Tucson, AZ, arrive there around 6:00 pm, get a motel near airport, call Storys for telephone conversation. Remove autopilot amplifier, place electrical tape to tighten edge connector when plugged in. No trouble with autopilot after that.

Monday, April 7

Depart am. for San Diego area, arrive Ramona airport, Adrienne there to pick me up, to Kerbyís house via Escondido tour, lunch, municipal building, tour of Lawrence Welk Homes, Dick arrives home, we have dinner, overnight at Kerbyís. Leave for Ramona airport in morning, Adrienne delivers me, Dick gone for early golf.

Tuesday, April 8

Depart for Inyokern airport, pass Edwards Air Force Base restricted area, Inyokern airport is near China Lake, CA. Jigger (my last living uncle, former USN pilot, flew off carriers during Korea, gave me my first airplane ride when I was 10 years old) comes there to pick me up, to Ridgecrest, CA see his house, Pat is ill and asleep, so I donít get to meet her, downtown for lunch, back to IYK airport, Jigger and I take a flight over local areas, return Inyokern, he goes home, I prepare for flight to Van Nuys, CA, depart for Van Nuys, arrive there 5:00, park at Raytheon, to motel on airport, overnight. Call Neil Barnett pm (Wheaton College colleague, member of quartet and gave me haircuts at Wheaton), local in Santa Clarita which is near Van Nuys.

Wednesday, April 9

Breakfast with Neil, depart VNY for SJC airport, arrive San Jose afternoon, call Paul Kennelly, make appointment for tomorrow am, park and get car from ACM Aviation, SJC, get room in Biltmore Hotel, Santa Clara, near Intel.

Thursday, April 10

Early morning to Intel, Santa Clara, work on prober, drydock, and other problems, see Paul Kennelly, Kim Calligari, Mike Danger, Roy Hallstein, finish, no word at Intel, Folsom, of location of Maryís prober being returned from Germany, to airport, return car, plan flight, depart for Hillsboro, OR. Arrive at 2S6, Sportsman Airpark, Newberg, OR. To the Lindís house with Robert from work, overnight at Lindís.

Friday, April 11

Work on emails, other documents, telephone calls to Germany, other calls using cell phone, to Fred Meyers for work desk and other sundries, to airport to check with Robert, other miscellaneous activities, left message that I would plan to return to Intel, Folsom after April 18 if prober system arrived.

Saturday, 12, Sunday, 13

Work on new fence post installation, afternoon take a flight in Micco SP20, other activities. Sunday am to church, out to dinner at Yamhill Grill, afternoon other activities, pizza and wings in the evening, some TV.

Monday, April 14

To the airport to begin working on N9817K annual after preliminary run-up and checkout. Work there all day, lunch sent by Rachel, Robert concentrates on documentation and ADs that are incomplete. I remove inspection plates, cowling, prop spinner, interior plates and seats, Navcom 2. He points out several deficiencies.

Tuesday, April 15

Work am. on the airplane, lunch at Checkers, drive to Aurora airport to get new battery for ELT, check on KX155 NavCom, but it is not completed yet. Drive to Intel, Hillsboro, visit with Tony Peterson and Josh Bliss. Also met Kam Komiyli, from Santa Clara, in Hillsboro on Monday and Tuesday most weeks. He is interested in prober for DB235 in Santa Clara, not associated with Roy Hallstein FIB area. Leave Intel after working on Robertís car which had a frozen rear wheel brake. To PDX airport, pick up Sharon and drive to Lindís for overnight.

Wednesday, April 16

Up early, drive to Hillsboro for meetings with FEI, Pete Carleson, etc., return to Newberg afternoon and work rest of the day on the airplane, nearly completed with annual. Plan to finish the work and check flight on Thursday, replace inspection plates, interior, etc. To Calamity Janes for dinner, Northeast of Portland.

Thursday, April 17

Finish up the details of the airplane, check flight, everything is fine, need slight adjustment of mixture and idle speed. Pick up Sharon at noon, we go to airport, depart for Seattle, WA to visit Judy Logan (Jerryís sister) and families. Quick VFR flight to S50, land and park at Auburn airport. Picked up by Judy and Carl, etc. Ride to see area, visit their homes, to oceanside restaurant, Anthonyís, for dinner, delivered back to airport, we stay overnight at airport in Days Inn Motel, depart in the morning.

Friday, April 18

Depart S50 at 10:30 am, VFR flight to 2S6, beautiful flight, interesting around Seattle and Portland, Sharon and I eat lunch in downtown Newberg, back to Lindís house, I return to airport for mixture and idle final adjustments with Robert. Could not take a flight in Varga, it was out.

Saturday, April 19

Up early, go to Portland for motorcycle races, Ryan (Robertís son, 21) participates, nice day and great experience. Return after new battery for Robertís pickup, house-hunting evening after pizza. Prepare to leave OR.

Sunday, April 20

Up early to deliver Sharon to PDX, she flies out to home via DTW visit with family for a few minutes. I depart 2S6 VFR, pick up IFR clearance before Eugene, arrive Mather Field, Sacramento, CA at 4:00, walk to Best Inn for the night. Call everyone, Sharon makes it home ok, everything worked out fine for her trip home from Portland via Minneapolis, Detroit, Albany.

Monday, April 21

In Sacramento, make arrangements for the day at Intel, Folsom, back to MHR airport to get a rental car and other items from airplane. Day is somewhat rainy, drive to Intel for 1:00 meeting (Louis Leboeuf, Dan Graves, Peter Zwigl, but Mary Stevens was not there), then to Intel, Sacramento to visit Ray Stevens and Joe Robinson. Back to the motel for the night, via KFC.

Tuesday, April 22

Should receive a call from Dan Graves and Louis Leboeuf when prober arrives today from Memphis, TN, originally shipped from Dortmund, Germany, and somehow delayed in TN. Called Danzas Shipping. Prober system will not arrive in Intel, Folsom until custom clearance accomplished wherever it is. I talk with Louis and with Peter, and decide all can only be handled remotely, so I make plans to leave MHR, Sacramento, Folsom Wednesday a.m. Confirmed plans with Peter Zwigl, mgr.

Wednesday, April 23

Up early to return rental car, load airplane, repair antenna broken by strong wind blowing cover on airplane, depart for Las Vegas via northeast then southeast, so that filing IFR at or below 12,000 feet is possible. Enroute after Lake Tahoe and adjacent ski slopes (very beautiful) assigned to 13000 feet for 30 min or less for traffic. Into North Las Vegas, VGT, refueled, called Guy Aliotta, former IBM colleague, had late lunch with him and his grandson, Christopher, to Fiesta Hotel near airport for dinner and overnight.

Thursday, April 24

Depart Las Vegas via complicated departure procedure for Albuquerque, NM, mostly VMC, very windy with turbulence on last half of trip, into ABQ, handled by two approach controllers, refueled, could not continue Northeast due to severe weather in Kansas area, so East to Amarillo, TX for overnight, arrive there 5:00 pm, get ride to motel, winds 25G35.

Friday, April 25

Depart AMA VMC and IMC into Forbes Field, Topeka, KS, almost down to minimums in FOE ILS-31 approach, called cousin Darry, his wife Alice came to airport to pick me up, to their house, Darry and son Bob arrived after work, we worked on unloading his trailer, and fixed refrigerator, toured property and motor home, had a nice dinner and visit, then to bed.

Saturday, April 26

In Wakarusa, KS, up early, breakfast, Darry and grandson Garrett took me to airport, bought approach plates book, departed for Detroit, IFR, at 9000 on severe clear day all the way, received requested Direct shortcuts, arrived at Plymouth, Mettetal airport, 1D2, called Rod, he and Katie came to pick me up with all my luggage and dirty clothes, to late lunch/early dinner, then to Rodís house, played with Katie, took a walk, KT bath time and story time, some computer work, Darin stopped by with sundaes, visit, Gretchen home from work at 10:30 pm. Talked with Sharon, she works Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, and plans to drive to MI after that. I may still be in MI when she arrives, plan to work at GM Technical Center before returning to NY.

Sunday, April 27

In Livonia, to church with Rod, Gretchen, Kaitlyn, Darin, to lunch, to airport with Darin for cleaning airplane, windows, checking oil, inspect a few houses and properties, back to Rodís for pizza, calls to Sharon, Judy in hospital. Call from Jim for status on trip and on Judy.

Monday, April 28

In Livonia, take Gretchenís car to Wadeís for breakfast, back to Rodís, examine two garage sales with Wades, to lunch with family, Rod home from work, inspector comes for house, call GM for appointment on Tuesday with Dr. Hector, to Olive Garden for dinner, call Sharon on her way to work, tomorrow to GM Tech Center 9:30 am appointment.

Tuesday, April 29

Drive to Warren, GM, meeting regarding tensile tester status and operation, they received additional parts for controller, worked with Lou, Mike, Greg, checked AC ringing signal on analog and RS232 outputs, developed method to handle AC ringing waveform with Dasylab, all day at GM, returned to Livonia, to Oxford, MI with Gretchen and Kaitlyn to see Rachel, Piper, Brian, Brad, Tonya, cemetery, 242, 241, Lake Orion, back to Livonia.

Wednesday, April 30

Sharon arrives early am from NY (drove), I went back to GM for further work with Lou and Mike, interpret analysis results, characterize noise introduced by controller, and discuss calibration of load cells traceable to NBS and other future work to be done, back to Livonia, call from Louis Leboeuf, prober arrived Folsom, CA Friday, 4/25/03, with some problems, called and left message for solutions, out to eat, with Darin to examine real estate.

Thursday, May 1

Prepare to return to NY, leave MI at noon, filed IFR, in clouds much of the way, strong winds, 173 kts GS, VOR approach into POU, warm and low visibility, airplane in hangar, drive home, unpack, set clocks. Sharon will drive home to NY very early Monday morning, 5/5/03, she works Monday night, 7:00pm to 7:00am.


Jerome D. Schick, May 1, 2003, 28 days, 67.6 hrs Hobbs